‘He’s got his father’s eyes

September 13, 2017

People say this of babies as they gaze into the pram, remarking of his physical characteristics.  They might also say something of his intellectual characteristics, like ‘he’s a clever wee thing.  I can see he’s got his mother’s intellect’.  They might also make remarks about his emotional state, for example, ‘and I can see he’s got his father’s temper, just look at that glower’.


Years ago , when I was  training to be a teacher, we had to produce lesson plans for each lesson and we had to think about the needs of the learner in terms of their physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual needs.  We used the acronym ‘PIES’ to help us remember.  It was always quite easy to consider the PIE but the S was more tricky.  A bit like the baby example – it’s easy for people to remark on the PIE characteristics but harder to consider the S.


Perhaps this is why the Bible indicates that our S condition is the key to life.


Isn’t it lovely to think that people might look at us and see something of what


our Heavenly Father sees in us.  Or that we might look at others and see something of our Heavenly Father in them, ‘I can see she’s got the Father’s sense of justice; desire for mercy; loving kindness…’​


You’re made in his image.  Live everyday with that thought.



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